Research Articles

Our research articles are collected from a variety of sources, and are presented here as a broad view of how history is preserved and kept alive. Some are written as short research papers by members of the Society. Others are written professionally by local historians and are reprints of their published works. Still others are compilations that pull together many sources of information in to a single document for study of a specific topic.

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John DiDomizio

A Brief History of Stoneco 

A summary by John DiDomizio, written 8/19/2013. John gives a view of the Stoneco quarry business that was an important employer in the late 1800's and early 1900's in our area.

Anthony P. Musso

Community - The Families of Stoneco

Anthony P. Musso's article which appeared in the Poughkeepsie Journal April 11, 2012 on the stone quarry worker community of Stoneco and their families.

Anthony P. Musso

Estate Housed the Powerful

Author Anthony P. Musso tells the story behind the estate on Sheafe Road that once was home to powerful families. 

Rena Corey

Mary Lenox Sheafe Diaries

"19th Century diaries reveal religious history of the area”, by Rena Corey. Published by the Southern Dutchess News on June 6,2012.                

Rena Corey

Historic Wappingers Falls 

Rena Corey's "Voices From The Falls" series featured in the Southern Dutchess News, examines historic houses in the Village of Wappingers Falls.

Rena Corey

Rush Hotel

Rena Corey's "Rush's Hotel: The Pulse of Wappinger in the late 1890's", published in the Southern Dutchess News April 25, 2012

Eileen Stickle

The Great Chelsea Train Wreck of 1909

Eileen Stickle's compilation of news stories of the train wreck near the Hamlet of Chelsea that killed two people and injured many more.

Molly B. Jones

Franny Reese: "The Defender of the Hudson Valley"

Molly Jones's article, courtesy of the Dutchess County Historic Society, gives an informative and detailed look at  "Franny Reese and how she served our Hudson Valley community.

Danielle Sweetser

Blogging with

Danielle Sweetser

Follow along on Danielle Sweetser's journey to do research on the Mesier Family of our historic Homestead. Danielle was an intern while a student at Marist College and documented her findings as she went!  

DSCN0548 (2).JPG

Meseier Homestead

Architectural Studies and Reports

Over the years, there have been a number of professional architectural studies performed on the Mesier Homestead. Some were designed to capture the configuration and condition of the building at that time. Other reports provided insight into the details of the design, structure and construction of the building.

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Hidden Treasures - Volume 3_edited.jpg

Additional Reading

If you would like to read more about historic places in our area, you will fully enjoy reading more from author Tony Musso. We carry all three volumes of Tony's "Hidden Treasures..." series. Each book tells of the lesser known places of historic interest in the Hudson Valley. Tony gives a thorough review of each landmark and gives helpful hints on the best way to enjoy these "gems" in our area. Pick up a volume from our gift shop.