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Other Ephemera



‘Ephemera’ encompasses all the paper documents, photos and postcards we have in our collection. Most are original, but a few are reproductions of the original historic documents. On this website, we have specific pages associated with photo, postcard, and our "Castro Collection" ephemera. To go to those pages, select the proper drop-down item from the "Collections & Galleries" menu button at the top of any page.

This page captures some of the most popular and interesting ephemera from our collection that does not fit well into those specialized categories. The items that are referenced on this page are not a complete listing of our collection. If you are looking for something in particular and don’t see it on this website, please send a note to to make an inquiry. 

Sanborn Maps

The Sanborn maps in our collection are reproductions of the original large scale maps of the Village of Wappingers Falls in 1906. Fire insurance maps are distinctive because of the sophisticated set of symbols that allow complex information to be conveyed clearly. When working with insurance maps, it is important to remember that they were made for a very specific purpose and that although they are now valuable for a variety of reasons, the initial selection of information mapped and the way that information was portrayed was dictated by the needs of the insurance industry. Click on the button below to go to the US Library of Congress Collection of Sanborn maps for a detailed explanation of the symbols used. Click on any of the photos in the strip below and, using your browser zoom function, you can zoom in to see the details of your area of interest. You may also make an appointment to view a copy of the maps in our Research Room, housed at the Mesier Homestead in Wappingers.  Send an email to to set up a visit.

Birds Eye Map_edited.jpg

Bird's Eye View of Wappingers Falls

This reproduction of an original 1889 map of the Village of Wappingers Falls is a great addition to any home and makes for a great gift as well.  The business buildings are numbered and the key at the bottom of the map tells the name of the business and its proprietor. This high quality reproduction measures 11" h x 22" wide and is suitable for framing. Order yours today from our online gift shop or pick one up the next time you are in our Gift Shop at the Mesier Homestead.


Only $5.00

Old Home Week Souvenir Pamphlet 1914

For three days in August of 1914, the Village of Wappingers Falls celebrated its "Old Home Week". During the celebration, there were many events put on by local organizations and businesses. The images below are from the pamphlet created for residents and attendees to the festivities. Enjoy looking at the scheduled events and the businesses in the Village who supported their community.  

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