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Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley, Volume 3

Author: Anthony P. Musso

220 pages

Signed by the author


In this, the third volume in the Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley series, the author identifies another fifty-five lesser known but historically rich sites, which played an important role in the establishment of the region. Read about, then visit the locales featured within these pages to gain an understanding of the buildings, open space and important landmarks and their relation to the region's past.


While the Hudson River School of art was established in Catskill, Greene County, one of its most accomplished artists lived and worked in Westchester County. Learn about his artwork, tour his mansion and view a number of his most famous paintings at a nearby gallery. Experience the life of a 17th- and 18th-century farming family when you visit their stone house and walk the property, which features original structures.


Visit a stone schoolhouse where a single teacher taught students in eight grade levels in a single room. And visit an 18th-century parsonage that was built shortly after three thousand German Palatine settlers arrived in the region from England in 1710 to start a new life in the New World.


Take a stroll along a well-maintained path that was once part of the prestigious Livingston family's private estate and enjoy breathtaking views of the majestic Hudson River and, in the distance, the Catskill Mountains. And read about a Buddhist monastery in the region that features a thirtyseven-foot tall statue of the Buddha Vairocana, the largest indoor Buddha statue in the western hemisphere.

Hidden Treasures of the Hudson Valley - Vol 3, by Anthony P. Musso

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