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Volunteer Firefighters and Village Politics, 1872-2002

Author: Joseph V. Poillucci

191 pages, paperback


Table of contents:

Origin of firefighter and Colonial America

Volunteer firefighters in early America

Village factories and major fires

Early village fire companies

The advancing years, 1872-1919

Hard times, 1920-1939

World War II era, 1940-1949

Better times, 1950-1979

Modern era – 1980-2002



Includes photos and lists from S.W. Johnson Engine Co. 2 of past Presidents, Fire Chiefs and Trophies. The author writes in his preface: "My book attempts in some small measure to record history of early firefighting, village fire companies, especially S.W. Johnson Engine Co. 2 .  It also includes the importance of textile mills in the early years and relevant history of Wappingers Falls especially the role of politics during the period 1872-2002." 

Volunteer Firefighters and Village Politics, by Joseph V. Poillucci

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