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They Called Me Trouble

Author: CR. Van Aden

295 pages, hardcover


A young boy finds trouble, adventure and joy on his journey to maturity during the Great Depression and World War II. From a small Hudson River town to an upscale suburban community to an all-boy's boarding school he learns the hard way. The characters, friends and situations he confronts almost derail him. Help on his journey come from diverse individuals who provide a wide variety of fundamental truths. The era comes vividly alive and the excitement of his journey is contagious. Read and enjoy.


A funny and touching memoir, it is a vivid portrait of a bygone era along the Hudson River. With great affection and sensitivity, the author recalls adventures and friendships that shaped his early life in the 1930s and 1940s, set in New Hamburg, NY.

They Called Me Trouble - HARDCOVER (A memoir of growing up in New Hamburg, NY)

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