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Setting the Record Straight - Volume 2

The music and careers of recording artists from the 1950s and early their own words.

Author: Anthony Musso

Signed by the Author

336 pages; paperback


Despite having become household names during their respective recording careers the biographies of some of the music industry's biggest names are clouded with inaccuracies, conflicting data and baseless tales. While a number of the skewed reports might have developed innocently, a product of longtime hearsay, and/or interviews with second-generation group members, other material was simply fabricated by record company agents, with the sole objective of selling an artist to the buying public.

The only way to correct the discrepancies was to gather information directly from each artist or founding group member. This book is based on a series of personal conversations with 50 of the music industry's leading artists, who graciously shared the true stories of their landmark careers. If their music and careers have left an indelible legacy on pop culture, which clearly it has, then the accuracy of their accomplishments deserves to be recorded.

Learn why Buddy Holly and the Crickets decided to disband and how Brenda Lee came to be billed as a 32 year old midget during a 1959 tour of France. Hear why Paul left Paula in the midst of a Dick Clark Caravan of Stars concert tour. Discover how a backstage discussion and handshake immediately transformed a young vocal group from Harlem into the legendary Drifters. And hear first-hand accounts about the trials and tribulations, the joys and tragedies of life on the road during the rock and roll era's infancy.

Within these pages, the artists' own words are "Setting the Record Straight!"

Setting the Record Straight VOL 2 - Music and careers of recording artists

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