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Patriots and Spies in Revolutionary New York

Author: A.J. Schenkman

236 pages, Hardcover


Spies! Loyalists! Tories! Conspiracy! Strange messages? Codes in invisible ink? The American Revolution was first and foremost a civil war that tore at the very fabric of families as well as society. Patriots were determined to separate from England; while Loyalists were just as determined to defeat what they saw as a rebellion. Many do not know that during several critical periods the war was almost fatally undermined by English sympathizers or in some cases opportunistic Patriots. Patriots and Spies in Revolutionary New York is a compilation of twelve stories regarding important moments in New York State's history during the American Revolution.


About the Author


A.J. Schenkman is the author of several books about local and region history. He has written for many magazines, blogs, and academic journals including numerous articles on Hudson Valley history in Ulster Magazine, The Times Herald-Record, Chronogram and on his website, Ulster County History Journal. He is a teacher in Ulster County.

Patriots and Spies in Revolutionary New York

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